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Implementing Dr. Alexander Elder’s principles of risk management and the need for regular review, Trading Diary is a comprehensive platform for assessing risk, recording trade details, and providing an at-a-glance history of your trading performance. The simple yet effective methods incorporated in this app will make learning from past successes and failures easier than you ever thought possible, while helping you manage your risk in real time. Improve your performance and increase your profits or remain stagnant, it’s your choice.

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Plan Trades

With just a few taps you can enter your entry, target, limit, stop, chart images, and the reasons behind your trade. The automated risk management section will let you know the safest way to proceed.

Manage Trades

Trading Diary will record data to grade your trade in an easy to understand format for later review. Easily add in charts and thoughts as to why you stayed in or decided to exit. Track your adjustments in stop and profit target levels and see the impact on your risk.

Review Performance

The abundance of data that you have at your fingertips after your trades makes understanding where you went wrong or why you didn't as easy as skimming through a picture book. It's all displayed in a concise format that comprehensive in its scope.

Manage Risk

Using the 2% and 6% rules of risk management, Trading Diary will automatically adjust your dollar risk, risk percentage, and number of shares to trade. You adjust one, it takes care of the other two! If you go over your threshold, Trading Diary will give you a clear warning that you should adjust down.

Simple Grading System

Trading Diary grades your entry points, exit points, and overall trade in a format that is easy to understand and easy to review. It's like having a teacher grading you as you go!

Brilliant Calendar

The calendar function allows for extremely easy navigation through your trading history, with filters and sorting that combined give you a filing system for your trading records like no other.

Visual Statistics

The equity curve and statistics tab will tell you all you need to know to see where you need to start improving. See which trades worked well and which didn't at a glance, tap through the best and worst sections to see what went well and what didn't. Performance reports were never so easy.

Import, Export, and Backup options

Import, export, and backup your data via several options including connecting your Dropbox account. Your data is stored locally for security and privacy, or can be optionally backed up through Dropbox or exported in CSV format for spreadsheet use.

What's new?

  • 03/18/2013

    Latest release: March 18 2013

    Trading Diary requires iOS 4.3 or later.
    Trading Diary for iPad 1.0.1 is a minor update which fixes several small bugs.

    Trading Diary user manual

    Download the User Manual (English, PDF, 5 MB).


    Added Trading Diary app descriptions in Japanese and German to the Apple App Store.

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